Ready to get away from it all?

Try 140 million miles away.

Large color photo of Mars surface as seen from Martian orbit.

Mind-Blowing Views

So bring your pressurized suit. Behold a mountain twice the height of Everest and a canyon nearly four times as deep as the one we call “Grand”. Martian landscapes might just take your breath away. Or, it could be the alarming lack of oxygen in its atmosphere.

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Tourist in sapce-suit surveying Martian landscape from a scenic high point
Red Martian Hills Starry Martian Sky

Relax beneath blushing-pink skies and wish upon the brightest stars you’ve ever seen. As long as you can weather the planet-wide dust storms.

Space out like never before

Embark on a trip that’s truly out of this world. Now you can go where only $2.5 billion robots have gone before. Search for water that may or may not exist. Look for evidence of previous life forms. Or simply lighten up with only 40% the gravity of Earth.

For a limited time, save $500,000 per person when you book a spacecraft + pod accommodations package with Mars Tourism.

  • Round-trip space flight between Earth and Mars (12 months)
  • 14-day pre-flight stay at the International Space Station
  • Freeze-dried continental breakfast each morning
  • Ride-a-Rover guided tour to Olympic Mons
  • All space taxes, fees & gratuity included
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Mars surface
Photo of Luxury Bio-Chamber

Luxury Bio-Chamber

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